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Welcome to BoatBooker Help!


Thank you for choosing BoatBooker!

The following pages are designed to help you set up, customize and efficiently use all BoatBooker solutions. If you are having problems or need help with any part of the software, please read the provided documentation. In case you haven't found a satisfactory solution on these pages, or you wish to report a bug, please contact us at or any of the contacts listed at the bottom of this page.

Note that you can navigate through BoatBooker online help by following links within articles, or by using the tree structure on the left side.

If you're setting up BoatBooker solutions for the first time, we recommend reading the Getting started guide.

Quick start guides are also available in PDF format (click to download):

Charter Agency Quick Start Guide.pdf

Fleet Operator Quick Start Guide.pdf


Please select the topic you're interested in:

BoatBooker Web Solutions

Setting up your Promo Box
Setting up your agency discounts



BoatBooker Office Solutions





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If you can't find the solution to your problem, please use any of the following support contacts (Email is preferred):

Support Contacts



Phone (Croatia): +385 1 889 22 37 (English only)

Phone (Germany): +49 89 2206 1258 (English only)